Having served as my Grandparents primary caregiver for many years, I am keenly aware of the unique needs presented by aging loved ones. Providing a resource for caregivers that allows them to prioritize their time and find peace of mind is my foremost objective.
— Zach John, Owner and Founder

Mission Statement

To provide high quality, reliable Moving, Organizing and Rightsizing services for the caregivers within our community. Transitioning a loved one is always time consuming and labor intensive, we strive to streamline the entire process making it simple and easy for you. We increase our client's most critical resource- TIME. It's more than just a move, expect MOR than just a mover.

Personal Background

My experience is unique in that I served as caregiver to my grandparents from a young age. When I was a teenager my father passed away due to cancer and, as a result, I served as the primary caregiver for my paternal grandmother. During this time we overcame many obstacles together including understanding the risks associated with falling and the rehabilitation process. I learned a great deal about the benefits of being proactive and not letting illness or injury dictate a loved one's transition process.

Because of my stepfather's recent military deployment I also became the primary caregiver to my maternal grandmother and grandfather. From this experience I learned a great deal about loss and how it affects the surviving spouse. I also learned the benefit of socialization and utilizing grief counseling. Through it all I came to understand the sense of urgency that is associated with being a caregiver.

Having served as a caregiver for many years, I am sensitive to the difficulties associated with caring for a loved one. Having limited time and feeling torn about it is very difficult. Looking back on my loved ones transition process, it became clear to me that I spent the majority of my time on the transition process and very little of my time with the people I loved. I realized that creating a company with a holistic approach to the transition process would be an invaluable resource to caregivers and their loved ones. After having spent the majority of my professional life establishing and growing companies, I decided to launch my own dream, MORlogisticsLLC.

Professional Qualifications

Here are a few highlights of my specialty qualifications. For my full resume, please feel free to view my LinkedIn account.

  • 2010 Graduate of Salisbury University
  • Senior Move Manager and member of National Association of Senior Move Managers
  • Senior Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist
  • Years of Project Management experience and holder of Project Manager Professional Certificate 
  • Multiple years of relevant industry experience
  • Strong commitment to excellence
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills

Workplace Culture

One of my primary objectives is to provide quality jobs for quality people. I believe that in order to provide clients with the respect and honesty they deserve, a thriving workplace environment must exist. When people are proud of their career they are able to take pride in their work. Our staff is proud to offer our assistance to your family and loved ones.   

Environmental Responsibility

People are unaware that many of the household products we use on a daily basis are classified as Hazardous Household Waste(HHW). Responsibly reusing, recycling and disposing of household goods and HHWs is a company priority. You can rest easy knowing that everything MORlogistics disposes of is done so in an environmentally responsible fashion.